Jack and the Beanstalk – Released

I released my NWN1 modlule, “Jack and the Beanstalk” the other day… amazing the difference of what you expect to happen and what does happen.

NWN1 stands for Neverwinter Nights which allows people to make games for others to play. These are Role-playing games.. like Dungeons and Dragons.

I uploaded the files.. typed the descriptive stuff.. hit send and waited for the thing to post.. when it did I noticed that the .hak file (a file that makes it so I can put custom content in the game) .. the .hak file had it’s name truncated in the upload.

That means the module wouldn’t work. I frantically started trying to figure out a fix.. the end result was me changing descriptions and putting up comments that alerted others to the problem and let them know how to make the module work… (change the file name from Jacknbeanstalk.hak to Jack-n-beanstalk.hak)

By the next morning, Maximus (the keeper of all things NWN) told me the fix. Use a .zip file … then the file name wouldn’t be altered.

Fine.. I’m more relaxed knowing that people can actually play the thing.

Then a couple of reviews and votes!! Excellent! Good suggestions. Good feelings.

I set in motion an update to put more flavor in the Giant’s Castle… I’m stoked about how that has turned out (but it’s not release at this point).

Then horror of horrors… someone has had an experience where Jack started attacking people with his axe.

I go into damage control mode.. how can Jack be doing this.. I try to replicate it.. I can’t… until.. AHHH  if Jack attacks something… then they will attack back.. and so will all of their faction..

So if a player attacks Jack’s Mom.. then everything he sees will be mad at Jack.. hmm.. that sounds right. .. the chickens, deer, Ox, cow.. all would attack Jack at that point.

So… can I regulate it. Let’s see.. PvP.. Players or I can set the game so that there is not Player vs Player allowed.. but that only stops Players from attacking other players.

Hmmm.. nope.. I can’t stop Jack from attacking anything.. he can kill the chickens.. he can whack the deer..

 Hmmm.. ok.. I can make the deer and chickens react differently than Mom.. so Jack can kill the chickens without his Mom trying to beat him.. or running from him.. on the same token.. Jack can kill his Mom without the chickens coming to her aid…

But I can’t keep Jack from attacking things… it’s hard wired into the game.

So.. my dillema … do I make it so Jack’s Mom won’t die even if he takes the wood axe from the woodpile and starts hacking her… hmm.. not a message I care to send… actions have consequences…  I can make her so she won’t die.. but will fight back only until Jack goes away for a while… hmm.

Now.. how do I address the user that had the problem. They are just as concerned about the kids as I am.. Do I warn the parents to watch out to keep the kids from attacking Jack’s Mom??

I’m a parent.. I’m pretty tired of people telling me to watch my kids.. I do watch them.. I’m a stay-at-home Dad.. I home-school.. No.. I’m not gonna tell ’em what to do.. they know that.

I dunno.. Does anyone have any thoughts on what to do here?

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  1. I can’t really help you with any advice since I have never played Neverwinter Nights but I must admit your module sounds like fun and I love the idea of user generated content, so much so that I might just have to go get it.

  2. I love NWN! You can add custom content.. or just use what’s already there creatively.. I only added some voice talent stuff.. the rest is outta the box.. though I used a bunch of kelp strands for the beanstalk.. and I custom scripted a LOT of stuff..

    You can get NWN1 for a song now.. with all the “premium” modules.. years worth of play for $20… yes.. years..

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. […] Jack gets interviewed Trey at the Neverwinter Nights Podcast interviewed me a while back for the show… and today it hit the airwaves.. er.. I guess not the airwaves.. the netwaves? However you say it, my voice talks about the Jack and the Beanstalk module. […]

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