Neverwinter Nights Podcast

I’ve just finished taping my second appearance on the Neverwinter Nights Podcast. It’s a show that I’ve listened to since day one.. and getting to be on it was a blast.

Well.. I guess the first time went well enough .. so Trey, one of the three hosts, put me on a substitute host list. He did that a few days ago and I don’t think he planned on needing the list so soon… but.. well.. a 3-year-old dictated events that lead to my being IMed to help.. (Mom.. IM means instant message.. I’ll explain later).

My wife agreed to letting me help… which means she took the bed time duties with the kids longer than usual.. and read even more than she usually does.. allowing me the time to sit in and help host the show.

Those that play Neverwinter Nights .. hereafter referred to as NWN … (and to those in the know as NWN1 and NWN2).. undoubtably those that play NWN (1 or 2 (grin)) have heard of the podcast. It’s a show dedicated to the game.. actually.. it’s the only podcast dedicated to NWN.

Anyway.. that’s what I did tonight… I’ll get a hot link up to the episode I taped when it goes live… until then, you can catch up on other shows you missed.



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