Jack gets interviewed

Trey at the Neverwinter Nights Podcast interviewed me a while back for the show… and today it hit the airwaves.. er.. I guess not the airwaves.. the netwaves? However you say it, my voice talks about the Jack and the Beanstalk module.

As disturbing as hearing my voice may be.. uh.. well.. it’s there. No telling what can happen on this crazy net thing that Al Gore invented.

I remember signing up on Compuserve a loooooong time ago… and how exciting it was to be able to connect with the world. The longer I play on the net the more I realize I was totally wrong in that thought.

True, someone on the other side of the globe can read this drivel.. but it’s not connecting with the world that was revolutionary. It is connecting with individuals. I used to sit and read my Dungeon Masters Guide if I’d ever find anyone to play with. Now I can talk for free to someone almost anywhere… There is still the problem with governments not trusting eachother.. but .. well.. someday.

Anyway.. I figured if you’re on this blog you’d be interested in the fact that I’ve been interviewed.. so.. there ya have it.

Oh.. in the interview Trey used a composition I did as introduction music.. Here is another version of just the recorder and flute dancing. The link is to a hastily made myspace page so I can share my music… excuse the mess there.




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