It was a BouncyRock Halloween!


If you listen the the Neverwinter Nights Podcast then you’ve seen our link to the BouncyRock Halloween 2008 project. The project started on a whim over in the BouncyRock forums… and thanks to the hard work of dirtywick and jclef the NWN2 community got to trick or treat in a town like no other.

I am honored to have been a part of this project. I’m honored not because I was chosen to build.. because I wasn’t chosen.. any NWN2 builder that said they could get a “house” for this NWN2 module built in time could sign up. I’m honored because the final product was soooo cool… and that my part didn’t pull the whole project down.the-chuch-of-eat2surf

I guess that was my fear.. that I’d build something that would suck so bad when in a collection of modules built by the best in the community… It’s gone public.. and nobody said that it would have been good except that Eat2surf ruined it.. so.. from that standpoint.. I’m relieved.

But.. psychosis aside.. I knew the project was a winner from the start. Halloween. NWN2. BouncyRock’s ability to connect with awesome builders and then piece the thing together into one bitchin’ looking neighborhood.

And then to load the beta version to test and to see the intro movie with cool music and my name in lights.. stellar… then the Pumpkin Beholder.. how freakin’ cool was that.

Then downloading the finished product.. and playing it.. what a great, eclectic mix of things to do! No matter what your vision of “twisted” is.. you’ll probably find something to label with that moniker… and about any other adjective you’d label something you enjoy.. truly something for everyone.the-chuch-of-eat2surf2

If you have NWN2 installed.. GO PLAY!

If you’ve moved on to other games… go re-install it.. and GO PLAY!

and if your computer still won’t run NWN2.. I hear ya.. let’s do something for NWN1.. say.. maybe a multiplayer NWN1 thing.. hmm.. .. but.. when you get NWN2 (because you will.. eventually.. someday).. well.. go download the thing and save it for then.. and when the time comes.. GO PLAY!




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