Neversummer 5

I did a NWN2 area a few months back for use in a Persistent World (PW) that’ll be launching this winter. Its Neversummer5. They’ve had a long run with NWN1 and wanted to have a solid offering before going live with their NWN2 entry.

My area is a rugged, crater wall.. a lot of fun to design. I started with my knowledge of Utah’s canyon country then added a big slope. It should be a lot of fun to fight from different levels.

You can fire spells down to someone below.. far below.


Anyway, they’ve contacted me again about working on a more permanent basis. They’ve mentioned it a few times but time always seems against me in this. What with the Podcast, Treasure Island, Jack, Wizard of Oz and now I’m writing some for Misery Stone.. and that’s just to mention the things I’ve actually started with NWN2.. But if would be very cool to work with a team on a PW.

So.. I guess I’ll find out how much of a time commitment we’re talkin’ about. I don’t wanna be one of those guys that joins teams and leaves them on a whim.

Here are some screen shots of that area I made for the project… look for the PW soon!


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