My 2010 Sportsclix gameboard

Here’s how I’ve changed the game from 6 zones to 7 zones.

Something I forgot to put in the rules is the foul ball rules. When the ball is hit to one of the zones on the foul line, a d6 is rolled. Odd is foul. Even is fair. … it’s up to the defense to remember this.. thus.. if you’ve already rolled up a Home Run.. but haven’t checked for a foul.. DO IT or forever hold your peace after the next batter is pitched to.

2010 MLB Sportsclix board

2010 MLB Sportsclix board

I’ve also incorporated the Home Run changes on the bases of the figures so they are easy to use and more realistic to player performance.

Next up for the gameboard is bunt zones in the infield.. I have them on paper (it took a while to make it look like a baseball field and not a spider web. … but I’m getting ahead of my self.

Oh.. the infield is an old 6-zone infield with a penciled-in center zone. The “final” product will have more-narrow zones at the edges which makes the foul ball rules make more sense.

I’m stoked that someone else is interested in this project. It also has me nervous to share my baby. I didn’t realize how invested in this project I’ve become. I’ve spent a lot of time charting the Padres and their opponents as I’m tweaking this game. I want to get this stuff up online so others don’t have to make my mistakes!! At the same time I’m nervous I’ll be left behind. It’s funny how much baggage comes along with letting the world in on things.

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