Update to the 2010 MLB Sportsclix rules

Ok.. put some new stuff into the rules.

Here’s a list

  • alpha 1.1
  • fixed Deep Fly intangible to the 2004 rules of a +1 to Tagging up… and make a Home Run a possibility.
  • new bunting rules
  • Fielding a ball 2 zones from the starting position
  • Stealing
  • Foul Balls
  • Taking a Pitch

It’s here: link

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  1. Dave, too bad you didnt stick with the 2004 rules instead of the watered down 05. With very little tweeking the O4 became baseball as it is played in the full sized world. Now, if only there were enough faithful out there to play, I could again set up my leagues and head for the world series…but alas, how to find the O4 Faithful out there, with there little guys stacked away on shelves and in boxes….. woe is me…

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for the comment!

    Check out the rules.. I have both 04 and 05 … I started with 05 because I like that the results are on the dice. I did a big statistical breakdown of stuff and the results on 04, while accurate, felt more like an old Avalon Hill game.

    I like that if the batter wins the roll he’s not going to have an automatic out in my 2010 rules.. and a pitcher winning a roll isn’t going to give an automatic single.

    I used a lot of 04 to come up with the 2010 ruleset… I still have a ton of 04 guys that I’m ready to convert to my game in 2011.. basically I’m repainting.. and making 05-style guys is easier than 04 guys on the results dial.

    The extra zones to hit in and the d10 is fun too.

    Check it out and let me know what you think. The rules come with a way to convert current guys into sportsclix guys.

  3. Dave, nice work. However, are you aware there is a baseball website that compares players batting and pitching stats? It lets you put in a players name and tells you who they are most similar to. I use it to make classic world series teams, just changing the names on the dial without having to redo the overall dial. email me at rwlilley@comcast.net if interested and I will dig it up on my favorites from my other computer.

    • I wish I’d seen this comment years ago… If you’re still out there, I’m interested.

  4. With just a little tweeking the 04 rules are perfect. Im still playing with my kids and I use the Baseball Almanac site for all my players “souls” that I create from the old 04 and 05 sets. I would love to get a hold of a cheap 05 case, you can find 04 cases for about 40 bucks if you look hard enough but the 05s cant be found. Where are ya’ll at? I would sure like to find a league and win the world series again…..

    • I don’t know if you still play… I haven’t checked my blog in forever. I haven’t played MLB clix in over a year… but am planning to dust them off… right now we’re playing Baseball Highlights 2045 for our tabletop baseball fix here in Oceanside, CA

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