About Davesnot…

Hola… welcome to Davesnot

 Why Davesnot you ask?? Good question…

In short, I used to be “Dave” when I commented on a blog that I read all the time. It was/is a fun blog … I was drawn in by his DM of the Rings … a web-comic using images captured from Lord of the Rings movies and a plot as if a Dungeon Master ran a LOTR campaing for Player Characters that had never heard of Middle Earth.Now.. if any of that makes sense then you’re a gamer. Me too.. but this blog isn’t necessarily about gaming… but I’ve digressed from my Davesnot explaination.

In the above-mentioned blog I was “Dave” until… (shudder) someone else posted as “Dave”… !!! Well that wouldn’t do!! I couldn’t have my opinions claimed by another… well.. sure I could.. but anyway.. I decided to come up with a new name..

 Dave’s not here… catchy.. been done.. Big Dave.. Wave Dave (I surf .. real surf.. not net… though I do that too..) .. Not Dave.. Dave’s Not… say!! Davesnot!

Thus was born the name for the drivel that pours from my mind… seldom planned out.. rarely edited..

Now, I had a place all planned out to blog.. PangeaNative.. but that has a plan.. it is meant to be about our earth being one place… brotherhood.. Whirrled Peas.. that good feeling stuff… and most of my drivel’s not… drivelsnot… most of my drivel is snot..

 So… here it is.. Davesnot… open for business.

Published on January 18, 2008 at 2:39 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. hi, ive seen you on pen and paper games as eat2surf, i play dndn with a gropu and we are looking for new players of any kind, i live in oceanside, by the coast an i was wondering if you were interested in meeting and evnetually gaming together, e-mail me if you interested, it big_trel@hotmailcom,

  2. Hey Gilbert!

    A year-and-a-half late.. but.. sure, I’d like to do some gaming!!

    Dave aka Eat2surf .. aka Davesnot… aka PangeaNative

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