Contest deadline looms

Well.. I don’t know if I’ll make the contest deadline.. well.. I’ll submit what I have.. but where is the time goin’.. tonight I have two podcast things to record.. which is a totally awesome thing to have to do. I’m gonna try and connect with Sir Gamyl who is putting on a fighting demo on friday.. and I’m his combat dummy… so it’ll be good to talk about what we’re gonna do… and real world stuff.. My boy’s parent conference #5 is tomorrow at 8:30am.. so we need to have all our home-schoolin’ stuff in a group to deliver the proof that I’ve been teachin’… so.. busy night ahead.. maybe the kids’ll let me get some of the stuff done today.. ha!  right.

 Anyway.. here’s a pretty recent frame grab.. it’s from the southwest point of the island looking towards Spyglass Hill… that’s the Hispanolia floating at the anchorage.

Looking at Spyglass Hill


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